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UTM Develops Whitening Serum From Mangosteen Skin – Dr. Mariani Abdul Hamid

UTM Develops Whitening Serum From Mangosteen Skin

UTM Develops Whitening Serum from Mangosteen Skin

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UTM Develops Whitening Serum From Mangosteen Skin

The DERMAGs Intensive Brightening Serum product. Dr. Mariani Abdul Hamid, researcher that developed this cosmetics.

Malaysia’s rich heritage with one of the oldest tropical forest and the fourth largest biodiversity capacity in Asia, serves as a catalyst for the development of natural based cosmetics industry for future generations.

Leveraging on this capacity, the Institute of Bioproduct Development of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (IBDUTM) has successfully developed the DERMAGS Whitening Serum, produced from Mangosteen, one of Malaysia’s top tropical fruit.

Researchers from IBDUTM, Dr. Mariani Abdul Hamid said, mangosteen skin acts as an active ingredient for skin whitening agent.

“This product innovation has been developed with the intention to moisturize, brighten and treat uneven skin tone naturally,” she said.

Scientific studies of Mangosteen was done in collaboration with Dongguk University, South Korea, where it was found that 11 components can be used in the production of cosmetics.

UTM Develops Whitening Serum From Mangosteen Skin

“The impact of using all components can cause the skin to become darker but one component known as Alpha-Mangostin proved that it can be used to whiten the skin,” she said.

Alpha Mangosteen through in-vitro studies have shown skin whitening to be improved by 200 percent compared to synthetic chemicals arbutin which is widely used in the production of skin whitening products.

Following extensive research conducted on natural ingredients, dermatological studies of samples were carried out to ensure that the products are free from banned chemicals.

UTM Develops Whitening Serum From Mangosteen Skin 2
UTM Develops Whitening Serum From Mangosteen Skin

Production of beauty products based on natural ingredients and organic depends on consumer awareness.

Manufacturers will focus on marketing approach geared to educate consumers about the dangers of certain additives and the benefits of choosing cosmetics based on natural ingredients.

original source >> https://news.utm.my/2014/08/utm-develops-whitening-serum-from-mangosteen-skin/ <<

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